Shui Xian

Shui Xian tea leaves are typically dark and twisted, with shades of dark brown and black, similar in appearance to Da Hong Pao.

It emits a deep and complex aroma with prominent roasted and mineral notes, often with hints of dried fruit and floral undertones.

Shui Xian offers a robust and flavorful profile. It is known for its rich, roasted character with a pronounced mineral and earthy quality. There may also be notes of toasted nuts, dark chocolate, and a subtle sweetness.

Color of Liquor:
The liquor typically brews into a dark amber or reddish-brown color, mirroring the dark leaves.

Shui Xian, which means "Narcissus" in Chinese, is a notable oolong tea grown in China's Fujian province. It is a type of rock tea (Yancha) and shares some characteristics with Da Hong Pao. Shui Xian is revered for its bold flavor, deep aroma, and enduring aftertaste. The leaves are typically roasted over charcoal, which contributes to its distinctive taste. It is a beloved choice among oolong enthusiasts who appreciate the complexity and richness of this tea.

Type: Oolong

Origin: China

Flavor: Shui Xian, Oolong Tea

Ingredients: Oolong Tea