Se Chung

Se Chung tea leaves are typically semi-rolled or twisted and can vary in color from greenish to dark brown, depending on the level of oxidation.

It emits a mild and slightly floral aroma with subtle vegetal notes, often described as having a refreshing fragrance.

Se Chung offers a well-balanced flavor profile. It is known for its smooth, floral, and slightly sweet taste, with a gentle vegetal undertone. The tea's taste is often described as mellow and approachable.

Color of Liquor:
The liquor typically brews into a pale yellow or light amber color.

Se Chung is a popular and versatile oolong tea, appreciated for its pleasant taste and affordability. It is an ideal choice for those new to oolong teas, as it strikes a balance between the fresh, green character of green teas and the more oxidized and flavorful profile of darker oolongs. Se Chung is often enjoyed for its mild and refreshing qualities, making it a suitable everyday tea option.

Type: Oolong

Origin: China

Flavor: Se Chung, Oolong Tea

Ingredients: Oolong Tea