Kukicha, also known as "twig tea" or "stem tea," is made from a blend of tea twigs, stems, and a few tea leaves. It typically has a light, woody appearance with a mix of green and brown components.

It emits a mild and slightly nutty aroma with hints of toasted grains and a subtle vegetal quality.

Kukicha offers a gentle and balanced flavor profile. It is known for its light, woody taste with a hint of nuttiness and a touch of sweetness. The tea's low caffeine content contributes to its mild and soothing character.

Color of Liquor:
The liquor typically brews into a clear, pale yellow or light greenish color.

Kukicha is a unique Japanese green tea made from the twigs and stems of the tea plant. It is a low-caffeine option that provides a gentle and refreshing tea-drinking experience. Kukicha is appreciated for its mild flavor and is often enjoyed as a calming and hydrating beverage. It is also considered an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their caffeine intake while savoring the essence of green tea.

Type: Green

Origin: Japan

Flavor: Kukicha, Green Tea

Ingredients: Green Tea