White Pearls

White Pearls tea consists of tightly rolled, handcrafted tea leaves and buds, resembling small, pearl-like spheres.

It offers a delicate and fresh aroma with floral and slightly sweet notes, often reminiscent of spring flowers.

White Pearls tea presents a smooth and subtly sweet flavor profile. It has a clean, refreshing taste with hints of melon or honey, and it unfolds as the pearls unfurl during steeping.

Color of Liquor:
The liquor typically brews into a clear, pale yellow or light greenish color.

White Pearls tea is a type of white tea that is hand-rolled into small pearls, which slowly unfurl as they steep. This tea is celebrated for its unique appearance and gentle, nuanced taste. It offers a delightful tea-drinking experience, both in terms of flavor and visual appeal.

Type: White

Origin: China

Flavor: White Pearls, White Tea

Ingredients: White Tea