Yunnan tea is characterized by its large, bold, and often golden or dark brown tea leaves, sometimes featuring golden tips.

It emits a rich, earthy, and malty aroma, with hints of chocolate and dried fruit.

Yunnan tea offers a full-bodied and robust flavor profile. It is known for its smooth, sweet, and slightly malty taste with a lingering honey-like sweetness. Some Yunnan teas may also have earthy or spicy undertones.

Color of Liquor:
The liquor typically brews into a deep reddish-brown or coppery hue.

Yunnan tea, particularly Dian Hong (Yunnan Red) tea, is a famous black tea from the Yunnan province of China. It is cherished for its bold and flavorful characteristics, making it a favorite among black tea enthusiasts. Yunnan tea is versatile and can be enjoyed plain or with milk and sugar, offering a delightful and satisfying tea experience.

Type: Black

Origin: China

Flavor: Yunnan, Black Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea