Bai Mu Dan

Bai Mu Dan tea showcases a blend of plump tea buds and larger, more mature tea leaves. It features a mix of silvery-white buds and green leaves, creating an attractive contrast in appearance.

It emits a fresh and delicate aroma with subtle floral and fruity notes, often reminiscent of blooming flowers and apricots.

Bai Mu Dan offers a well-balanced and mild flavor profile with a gentle sweetness. It combines a mellow vegetal character with hints of honey, making it a pleasing and nuanced white tea.

Color of Liquor:
The liquor typically brews into a clear, pale yellow or light amber color, reflecting its high-quality leaves and buds.

Bai Mu Dan, also known as White Peony tea, is a renowned white tea variety that includes both tea buds and leaves. Its harmonious blend of flavors and gentle aroma make it a beloved choice among white tea aficionados, prized for its elegance and complexity.

Type: White

Origin: China

Flavor: Bai Mu Dan, White Tea

Ingredients: White Tea